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Bringing Scale to GO Technologies for Practical Industry Applications

GX Technologies, a subsidiary of chemicals innovator, PowerChem, Inc., is an advancing technologies company targeting low-cost graphene oxide (“GO”), and its derivatives, to revolutionize the way the world processes and treats natural resource and industrial waste materials. With roots in science and engineering, our vision is to provide innovative GO-based adsorbents and nanofiltration membrane solutions to the waste treatment market to create a more sustainable and modernized waste management process. To bring these highly improved, lower-cost technologies to the market, we are developing a state-of-the-art production facility in Natchez, Mississippi, within the PowerChem campus.

What is Go?

GO is a nanometer thick (2D) hydrophilic material with oxygen-containing functionalities such as epoxide, carbonyl, carboxyl, and hydroxyl groups. GO’s large negatively charged surface area, mechanical strength, hydrophilicity and functionalization ability, give it unique characteristics for use in the waste treatment sector, specifically used as a nanofilter.


GX Tecnologies has partnered with
the Army Corp of Engineers

GX Technologies has secured a patent portfolio of GO-based adsorbent and
nanofiltration membrane technologies developed by the US Army Corp of Engineers
and Rice University for aqueous based chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear
(CBRN) decontamination operations. GX Technologies is now bringing this advanced
nanotechnology to scale for industrial applications.


GX Technologies has a strong Leadership Team with considerable market experience and a
multi-decade track record of establishing, developing and financing operations in the mining and
chemical sectors. Our team’s broad experience in research, engineering, development, operations,
business development and capital markets gives us a unique understanding of the
commercialization challenges and opportunities for new technologies.

Anastasios Arima

Executive Director

Mr. Arima is a resource company executive with a strong history of identifying company-making resource projects. He was the founder and is a Director of Piedmont Lithium (ASX:PLL) and instrumental in identifying and securing the Piedmont Lithium Project. He has extensive experience in the formation and development of energy and resource projects in North America and Europe. He attended the University of Western Australia where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce while studying for a Bachelor of Engineering.

Dominic Allen

Business Development

Mr Allen is a Chartered Accountant with over 10 years commercial experience, including senior roles with Rio Tinto Limited and Oyu Tolgoi LLC. Mr Allen previously worked for Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services, completing multiple resource and industrial transactions both in Australia and internationally.

Michael Moyer

Cheif Technology Officer

Mr Moyer is presently directing technology selection for an ultra-high purity manufacturing facility, currently under development. Technology selection includes acid leaching, crystallization, distillation, ultra-high temperature calcination and ultra-high purity alumina particle size reduction.


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